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What is email marketing? and Why should you use email marketing?

 Have you ever received a message or an invitation to attend the event via e-mail or not? If you've ever seen, you have the basics of email marketing experience and know.

Here is Google's definition of Email marketing
"Email marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communication with customers." Email marketing Email marketing = simple, is not it?

In fact, email marketing includes many forms:
- About product information, newsletters, promotional discounts to customers via e-mail
- E-mail newsletter updates information services, market information to customers signed up for newsletter
- Take care of existing customers by sending the user guide (manual), useful information, the ebook, video
- Send an e-card (ecard) for customers currently on special occasions such as birthdays to strengthen relationships and increase customer loyalty
- Send an email invitation to participate in the event online on the website

Why should you use email marketing?
- Imagine you have a list of 5000 customers with complete information: full name, gender, phone number, email, contacts ...
What would you do to take care of them or inform them about a new product:
phone call 5000? sent 5000 letters to the user's hand?
2000 for each call 2 minutes. You will lose 10 million and 170 hours.
800 1 postage and you lose 4 million and weeks of labor.
Costs as well as time to do so is clearly not feasible.

Fortunately, the Internet offers you a wonderful way, you only take a few hours at a cost of several hundred thousand. That is Email marketing. You compose one email templates, use 1 Email marketing software to send and wait for the responses.
Thereby it is easy to see the advantages of email marketing such as: low cost, rapid implementation time, with immediate feedback ...
A global corporations such as HP, how do they take the initiative to approach and care for tens of thousands of its customers around the world?
You bought a HP Pavillion, you register your information with HP. Whenever new information related to your laptop: new driver version, software, new gadgets, tips to use, promotions ... HP will send you an email notification. You enjoy that information and more loyal to the brand HP.
Yes. That's Email marketing is the most effective direct marketing methods for you to take care of a large number of customers.

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