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What do you know about Email Marketing

With the strong growth of the Internet and e-commerce, today people have taken advantage of the advantages of email in business applications on the Internet and this form was fairly good effective.

What is the form of email marketing?. Why so efficient?. Marketing with email is a form of marketing that uses email, e-books or electronic catalog to be sent to the client, promote and bring customers to make the decision to buy their products.

Email marketing activity consists of two forms:

• Email marketing permission or the permission of the recipient (Solicited Commercial Email), this is the most effective form.

• Email marketing without the permission of the recipient (Unsolicited Email Marketing or Unsolicited Commercial Email - UCE), also known as Spam. These are two forms of email marketing first appeared on the Internet.

Benefits of email marketing

• Saves a lot of time

• The cost is very low - create large benefits

• Bring unexpected orders

Benefits of email marketing allows

The first:

The use of email for marketing will save you a lot of time in the mail. If you send a message in the usual way, you will lose a lot of time to write and time to send the message. You must perform the screening from your client list of objects that you need to send mail to.

Time for you to do the work it will take you a lot of time, on the other hand, if you do not work correctly, will lead to two possibilities occur it is or you to miss the your customers or you are sent to customers who have purchased the product and does not need marketing.

Meanwhile, the use of email to send the message and is sent in large numbers to many different addresses, the time you save is huge as well as the cost of sending messages is much lower.

As you know, email allows you to be able to send multiple messages to multiple addresses in one post. This is a very strong function of the email, with this function when you want to send a letter to the same content to multiple people at once, you just drafted a letter and put all the addresses you want send to, then click on the "Send".

Moreover, with email, you can use the service to help make managing mailing lists in a fully automated way. With this service, it will automatically sort all those who have made the purchase of goods that you want to send email offers from the list.

The use of this service will help you avoid unnecessary errors with a lower cost.

The second:

Email marketing costs very low, but the profits that it generates very large. Why is this so? ... The profits that you can find the easiest way is the cost that you save while it is not small.

First, we can say to that is the cost that you can save from cutting printing. Your printing cost a considerable amount, especially if you do send a large number of customers. But the form of email marketing, you do not take the cost of printing and it is extremely convenient for repair if any errors in the content. You just change back to the mistake and can be sent to the client immediately.

In business, maintaining relationships with customers is extremely important. Although companies are aware of this however, they can not do this with all the customers because the cost is too large to allow them to do this. If you must send a letter to 10,000 customers in foreign countries, the cost will be?. If the content of messages with errors you how long it will take and how much money to fix the consequences?

But email marketing allows companies to achieve this. They can make the exchange regularly with all their customers daily or weekly expenses spent only a hundredth or a thousandth of the cost that they have to pay the normal way.

Thus, email marketing will strengthen the relationship between the company and customers, as well as cause sympathy and confidence of your ho.Neu keep good relationship with clients, when it comes to buying a certain products, they will first think about your company's products and the opportunity to sell your products to them is much higher than its competitors.

Besides, you can perform the test the effectiveness of sales letters, information and feedback about your products quickly with low cost and short time. You can adjust or repair them to be persuasive and customer tastes.

Create your product more competitive than competitors' products and will make a profit as well as your business faster and more sustainable development.

The third:

The email marketing can give you orders as soon as you send offers. Send offers by email, send a very short time, customers receive offers while there is demand for your product.

Maybe they will implement the order immediately and do not need to think twice. If they did not order, you can continue to remind them ... until they buy products ban.Voi the benefits that email marketing is really an effective means for businesses of any public enterprises.

However, as we have said, to apply a type of marketing to be effective, it is a huge problem and is a conundrum for any business in the world is not any in English male.

Now we come back to learn more about the two forms of email marketing the ban.Nhu we said above, email marketing has its own set of rules if you violate these rules, you will get very much trouble.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the two forms of email marketing.

Form of email marketing allows.

Form of email marketing allows one of the best forms of marketing to make your business development, benefit most quickly at the lowest cost because:

• You can send email to people who are interested in your product and they will thank you for it.

• You can start getting orders from customers within just a few minutes after you send offers.

• You can quickly build close relationships with their customers through sending newsletters, product updates, promotions after different time intervals, completely automatically.

The only downside of this method is that you have the permission of the recipient.

Undesirable forms of email marketing, also known as spam.

Form of unwanted email marketing is a controversial topic. However, many people do not believe that there is a difference between the two forms of email marketing tren.Neu use this form of email marketing in the developed countries, you will have a lot of trouble because the owner of the mailbox can sue you and you will be punished for this behavior.

However, spam is not always a problem if you know how to apply it wisely to support the form of marketing allows. That is what you attach to small gifts and accompanied by a mailing list registration form.

You can use this form of email marketing to promote your products and much more, but you need to know how to use it so as not to cause discomfort to the recipient and they can be happy to receive a letter of you.

To do this, you should only send your ad to the customer's inbox once or twice and the number should be separated by a long period of time so as not to cause discomfort to the recipient. At the same time you should also state the customer if they do not wish to receive your letter, just make some simple tasks that they can remove their name from the mailing list as well as will not receive any other marketing messages.

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