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How email marketing spam? The basic steps to do?

 When you send rampant advertising email marketing sent to anyone, any object, ie you are sending spam

Spam, also known as junk mail, bulk mail. Spammers often have email lists through the collection online, scanned from the website, buy very low quality email list, do not bring results.
Sending out spam emails so would destroy the company's reputation and brand.
The only difference between spam and Email marketing is the consent of the recipient for sending email. Many people are still confused that email marketing is spam. Every day, hundreds of thousands of companies, organizations still conduct effective email marketing because they own the email list have received the consent of the recipient.

3 basic steps to deploy email marketing
Any email marketing campaign subject to the following three basic steps:

Build email list:
To Email marketing campaign, you need to have a list of email addresses. You note that this list includes not only "email address" that may be accompanied by detailed information about the recipient, such as: name, gender, company age.
For example: Pham Hoang Netherlands,, Female, Best English group, 26.

More information attached, list your address as valuable because they allow you to separate their client group (by age, geographic region, occupation, etc.) and personalize the email content.
Build email list requires time-consuming and effort. Good email list to help you limit the amount of email down, earn a higher percentage of people read email and achieve the objectives of the campaign.

Design email:
Good email template for success for the campaign. Typically, you will design email templates in an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver, Front page ... or image processing programs such as photoshop. You can also use the editing software available in the Email marketing.
It is important when writing your email content is clearly identified enemy target of the campaign. Email your recipient must be directed to a specific action: click on the link to see more articles on the website, click on the registration form, view a video clip ...

Send and evaluation results:
If you need to send one large email, you can not use the free mailboxes such as Gmail, Yahoo, because they only allow you to send up to several hundred emails per day.
Moreover, if the post so you will not know who has opened the email to read, those who click on your link. That is, you can not judge the effectiveness of the campaign.
You need to use software or professional Email marketing services because they allow you to send email to a large number, their software and statistical features, allowing you to evaluate the results of the campaign through data: open the email, corrupted email, messaging volume, ..

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