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Golden rule of email marketing design (EM)

 1. Briefly:

Not everyone has the time and patience to read lengthy email your best to design an email marketing brief as possible.
How useful is that you should write a short introduction with a small illustration. If everyone excited to see their details just click on the "Read More" to view the full article on your website.
Doing so is like "a double hit the target" you've just created a compelling email, concise, professional electronic newspaper as a forum, the medium can increase the click rate as well as access to your website.

2. Match the brand identity:
Customer to easily identify your company brand should pay attention to the layout, colors, logo, icon, background, font color, color lines in the email ...

3. Not too broad:
Email is so wide that the viewer can not cover all because to scroll very uncomfortable. The width should be designed around the 500 - 600 is the most suitable.

4. Action:
You should direct users to click to view the article in detail on the website, click to watch the video or download the material on your page, click to go to the registration form ... or click to receive gifts, receive ebook, check discount.

5. Restrict attachments:
Because this will make your EM easy to fall into the spam, it's best to up the file to the free sharing site and insert the link in the email recipient will click the download button to download the file.

6. Small size:
Email should not exceed 100KB because if too large will make the recipient uncomfortable for long load times and they will ignore your email. Try to pay attention to the image so as not to affect the size of the email.

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