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5 Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is an extremely cost method of communicating with prospects and existing customers. Like direct mail, email is a way to communicate faster, cheaper and easier for potential customers and your customers. No matter you are in any type of business activity or in the field of email marketing can have a positive impact on your sales.

Here are the top 5 benefits of email marketing, no special order:

1. Increase your sales

- Did you know the average person to see or hear about your product 7 times before they buy from you? With the use of email marketing, you can send a series of messages to the email address that you have, orienting them about your products and services.

- A potential customer orientation will trust you, and when you get the trust of customers, the sale will become a more gentle and natural process - and increase your sales is an inevitable result. Even if now they are not in the market for your product or service, you will be the first in their mind when they need what you offer.

- Finally, email is a great way to send advertising messages. If the potential customer want to know when you release new stock or when you have the next round of discounts, email can take your message to them in a few minutes ... and only a few cents for each email address.

2. Generate repeat business

- What's better than the one you purchase one? How about a re-buy from you again and recommend to friends and family members in the process? As you know, will be more expensive to get new customers and over again is to keep an existing customer, and email marketing will be your secret weapon when it comes to keeping customers.

- Maintain regular contact with customers after their purchase is a great way to generate repeat sales. For example, you can offer them a special treat for items related to what they've purchased from you.

- Let's say you sell electronics and John (some customers) have to buy a new TV from you. Why not send him an email two weeks later on special promotional ads on the surround sound setup? Ability to repeat sales is only limited by your imagination only.

3. Increase your average order value

- For most of the domains, email provides a great way to increase the number of customers and can easily add 30% to the average order value of your work properly.

- For example, if you offer a service such as dry cleaning, you can email your customers about the services you provide, such as iron work shirts sent home services . You save them time and make more sales for yourself in the process, so it is beneficial for everyone.

4. Increase your sales offline

- Have you ever used the Internet to research a product and then go to the store to buy it? According to a recent survey by MarketingSherpa, which is what 59% of Internet users do on a regular basis.

- If you run an offline business and do not have websites, email marketing is a great way to increase the number of your foot in the door - just together with your address so potential customers can find see you!

5. Get honest feedback and valuable

- It's easy to get honest feedback about your products and services by asking simple and because email is a form of communication not face, your email address will be added to high more real to you.

- For example, if you send an email asking what they think about your customer service or how you can improve how their products, you will be surprised to see the feedback very and honest price you will get.

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